Housing Markets That Changed the Most This Decade

February 28, 2020

Westlands is a long established affluent, mixed-use ( commercial and residential ) neighborhood in Nairobi. It is also known for a vibrant social and entertainment lifestyle for expatriates, middle upper income earners and wealthy Kenyans.

The million dollar question is, Why Invest in this affluent neighborhood? To understand this rich Real estate zone, We have to talk about business opportunities and infrastructure. Getting on with your undertakings around Westlands is almost effortless due to the many roads and streets stretching from one end to the other. These streets have a lively cluster of malls such as Sarit, Westgate and Oval alongside high end shops, restaurants and bars. The nightlife is a thing of beauty thanks to the night clubs and Casinos.

Landmark companies like Safaricom PLC, PWC, ABSA Kenya, Phillips pharmaceuticals, Kempinski, GTC, Art Café and Java all have their head bases within this opulent district. Given the number of consulates and Humanitarian arms within, Westlands is seen as one of the safest zones in Nairobi. This well off manor also boasts of polished schools such as ISK, Herald International school, Aga Khan Academy, Angels International school, Braeside school, Ovotox International College and Music schools thusly quenching education thirst.

Are you feeling unwell and in need of medical assistance? Well, medical facilities as Aga Khan, M.P Shah, Medanta Africare, Medlux International and Gertrude Children’s Hospital are at your door way, offering a wide array of services from prompt home ambulance pickups to surgeries by experienced and revered doctors.

Let’s talk about money and numbers now. Real Estate in Westlands has high returns with average rental yields of 8% with a capital appreciation of 16.3% P.A, leading to a combined return of 24.35% as opposed to a market average of 15.2%. Numbers don’t lie and so it’s an ideal district for investors seeking high and stable returns in Real estate.

The Nairobi Express way and the towering Global Trade Centre are the newest entrants in Westlands. They are set to tip the scales both locally and in the International stage as they are set to offer solutions ranging from unlocking traffic to retail, office, living, recreational spaces and fine dining experiences.

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